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“You just don’t understand!”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“You’re ruining my life!”

“Just leave me alone!”

It's tough being a teenager today

As a teen in today’s world, you face more pressures than ever before – both from your friends and from your family.

From the struggles of popularity in today’s social media-influenced world to balancing homework and extracurriculars, it can be a real challenge to cope with the ever-changing experiences you may be facing.

It's also tough to be a parent

As a parent of a teenager, you constantly walk on a tightrope – trying hard to balance your child’s personal space and independence with your need to keep them safe and on the right track in life.

With more ways to keep an ‘eye’ on your children, it can be hard to know where to draw lines, how to communicate about issues and create a healthy home environment.

At Collaborative CBT, we work with both adolescents and families to help alleviate issues at home.


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Here's how it works ...

» Individual therapy for teenagers

Individual therapy would be like any other therapy, and the information would be confidential between you and your therapist. It is important that if you’re being seen as a teen, that you feel you can be open about what is happening in your life.


» Therapy for the whole family

Alternatively, family work would incorporate some or all family members and its aim is to help family members, not just the teens, improve communication and solve family problems.

You work on learning how to handle family situations differently to create a better home environment for everyone. Reach out today to learn more about adolescent and family work and we can help you decide what may be best for your family!

We can help you with ...


Ask us anything — wherever you are in the therapy process, we’re here to listen!

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