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I can stop whenever I want …

If you're reading this, maybe that's not so true anymore.

“How do I know if I struggle with addiction” is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself on the road to recovery. Simply admitting that you might have a problem is a huge and extremely brave step! Now, ask yourself:

How has my substance use negatively affected my life?

If you find that this substance use (or behavior) has hindered your work life, friendships, hygiene, finances, sleep, or your relationship with yourself, it may be time to ask for help.


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How does addiction therapy work?

Our goal is to provide insight and help you understand why you may have chosen to use a substance to begin with.

Once we understand the chain that led you to using, we can work on developing new skills to cope with triggers, and to choose behaviors that lead to better long term outcomes. Simply put,

We will help you replace your addictive behaviors with a positive alternative.

Further, we will help you combat the negative, destructive thought patterns that lead you to want to use substances. Together, we will help you live a better life by creating sustainable changes that decrease your usage.

What about other addictions?

You may find that you’re addicted to something that isn’t a substance, such as risky sexual behavior, TV, Facebook, or anything that isolates and alienates you from others.

Repeated behaviors that negatively impact our lives can point to a form of addiction. At Collaborative CBT, we will approach each type of addiction uniquely, and work with you to understand why you’re doing these behaviors in order to develop methods of positive change.

Only you can decide if you are ready to make a change. When that time comes, we can help you get there. Reach out today to learn more!

We can help you with ...

You may be wondering ...

» What about 12-step programs like AA?

There are many ways to help overcome addiction. The most common form of treatment is twelve step programs like AA. These programs emphasize a behavioral approach to help individuals create a satisfying life without using substances.

The meetings rely on self-sharing and peer support through the use of sponsors. These programs can be a wonderful way of meeting other people, gaining support from peers, and practicing behavioral changes.

» What other programs are there?

Additional programs for treatment can include rehab programs or SMART recovery. Rehab is an opportunity to detox from substances and live in a sober environment. It offers 24 hour assistance and will offer group and individual therapy to work on creating change after rehab. Once you finish rehab, we would continue your work in individual work at Collaborative CBT.

Another option to add to treatment is a peer-support style group called SMART Recovery. This type of program has less of a spiritual component and more of a learning objective. The goal of SMART recovery is to teach you to enhance and maintain your motivation to abstain, cope with your urges, and find a balanced life that offers you satisfaction.


Ask us anything — wherever you are in the therapy process, we’re here to listen!

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