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Panic is one of the most stressful and scary emotions we feel

Panic disorder is when you experience spontaneous — and seemingly random — panic attacks.

Have you found yourself experiencing multiple panic attacks that leave you feeling out of control of your own body? Did you experience a panic attack, and now you find yourself preoccupied with the thought that it’ll happen again? You are not alone.

Many people who experience panic attacks believe that they are having a life-threatening issue, and may visit the doctor or emergency rooms. Once you’re aware that it is panic, you may become preoccupied with trying to stop it from happening again. This only serves to make the fear stronger.

Having panic disorder is like living out a nightmare – over and over and over again. The good news is that CBT therapy can help!


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What are the signs of a panic attack?

It’s normal to feel a general sense of panic during stressful situations. A panic attack is much more severe and usually includes at least four of these symptoms:

  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Feelings of choking
  • Palpitations/racing heart rate
  • Trembling/shaking
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Light-headed/dizzy feeling
  • Chills or heat sensations
  • Fear of dying
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Tingling or numbness

What is agoraphobia?

When you suffer from panic disorder, you probably try to avoid having a panic attack in a public place. This often leads to a condition called agoraphobia, which is the fear of being in locations where escaping might be difficult, embarrassing, or impossible. You might even isolate and seclude yourself in your home to feel safe.

All of this is quite common – and we can help!

We can help you with ...

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» How can therapy help with panic disorder and agoraphobia?

At Collaborative CBT, we use a process called Interoceptive Exposure to help you with your panic disorder. This highly-effective treatment will teach you how to sit with the symptoms of a panic attack while learning to accept what you’re experiencing.

CBT therapy can help you with agoraphobia in a similar fashion — by teaching you how to coexist with your fear of public spaces in order to better handle the feelings when they do occur.

Together, we will work to alleviate the anxiety surrounding panic attacks, teach you how to better handle panic when it does occur, and change your negative thought patterns surrounding the feeling of being out of control.

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