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“Other parents have it so easy!”

“My partner never helps.”

“I’m a bad parent.”

“I wish my kid was like that.”

No one can prepare you for the challenges of parenthood.

So many of us struggle to be the “perfect parent.” Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an easy one-size-fits-all parenting style. Every family – and every child – is different, and it can be confusing to know what’s best for yours.

From our diverse backgrounds to the differing needs of each child, work schedules, societal pressures, and just trying to cook a meal once in a while, there are an infinite number of balls to juggle as a parent today.

The good news is that you’re not alone!


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Have you ever ...

Have you ever looked over at another family and thought, “it looks so easy!?” Or, maybe you’ve seen a pair of parents ignoring a screaming toddler and wondered how they could be so cruel.

Perhaps your in-laws have completely different opinions on how to raise your child … and love letting you know. Or, maybe you feel like you’re doing everything right and your kid is still not “where they should be.”

We’ve all had experiences where we have assumed someone to be a good or bad parent, but it’s not that simple. Parenting is complicated and each situation is unique.

Here's how therapy for parents works

One of the best ways to parent effectively is to openly discuss the struggles you’re facing and come up with strategies to work through them. That’s where therapy comes in.

Some common parenting struggles include:

  • Helping a child out of a ‘bad’ behavior pattern
  • Working on ways to co-parent effectively when a couple is no longer together
  • Helping a child through a divorce, loss, or challenge
  • Helping a family care for a child who may struggle with mental illness or delays

You know how they say “it takes a village to raise a child?” Well, think of us as your neighbors. Whatever your personal struggle is with parenting, we can help.

We can help you with ...


Ask us anything — wherever you are in the therapy process, we’re here to listen!

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