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“She should just know what I want!”

“I shouldn’t have to tell her!”

“He just keeps nagging me!”

“My partner doesn’t listen!”

Sound familiar?
You’re not alone!

There are many reasons that you may be seeking couples therapy. Here’s how we can help:

  • Improve communication and listening skills
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms to use if issues come up in the relationship
  • Face conflicts in a more effective way
  • Increase understanding, empathy, and connection within the relationship
  • Manage each partner’s needs, wants, and desires and compromise in healthy ways
  • Enhance intimacy and create intimacy outside of the bedroom
  • Repair trust and create space for vulnerability


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How can couples therapy help?

Relationships can be wonderful but they usually take a lot of work. As a couple, you may feel that you “shouldn’t need help” and yet most of us can agree that it can help to hear an outsider’s perspective when we can’t seem to make progress.

There are so many obstacles that couples have to face in today’s world—from overuse of social media, to a lack of a satisfying sex life, to difficulty compromising, it is no surprise that we struggle to connect.

Whether you are in crisis, at a cross-roads, or just want to keep your healthy relationship working well, couples therapy can help.

Here's how it works

Couples therapy is a way to help resolve conflict and communication difficulties that you may not have been able to manage as effectively on your own. We provide a non-judgmental, open lens to allow you to talk freely about any issue that may be at the forefront of conflict.

Our aim is to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your partner.

We strive to help you both alleviate tension, break negative patterns, and create a stronger connection.

It is common to think only people who are on the verge of ending the relationship should seek counseling. In fact, we find that couples who come in proactively when they first notice issues have a better outcome in therapy. If you or your partner believes that couples therapy may help, reach out today to learn more!

We can help you with ...

You may be wondering ...

» How do I know if we need couples therapy?

There is no defining criteria for what it takes to ‘need’ therapy. Plenty of healthy couples come to therapy to work on maintaining their healthy dynamic, while other couples may come in in crisis. If you feel that there are areas for improvement in the relationship, it is likely that couples therapy will be beneficial.

» What if my partner doesn’t want to work on the relationship?

It is not uncommon for one partner to feel like a relationship needs work and yet the other is not willing. It can still be helpful for you to come in on your own and work on ways to improve the relationship. You can always start therapy on your own and a partner can join at a later point.

Therapy works best when people are ready for change and can commit to taking small steps. If you’re ready to commit to change and your partner isn’t there yet, we can teach you skills that you can share with your partner.

» What if our relationship is beyond repair?

When we first meet for treatment, we will work together to come up with goals for therapy. Sometimes we find that the healthiest outcome may mean the end of a relationship.

If you and your partner come to this decision, we will work on ways to help you end in a healthy way. You will learn how to communicate your differing wants and learn to cope with the outcome of the relationship.


Ask us anything — wherever you are in the therapy process, we’re here to listen!

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