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Everyone handles a breakup differently

There's no simple solution to dealing with the loss of a relationship

Ending a relationship can be devastating. It doesn’t matter if it’s a divorce, separation, or breakup … they all cause a drastic change in your life that can be difficult to manage.

This major life change can impact you negatively by increasing your stress and irritability levels, impacting your sleep and ability to concentrate, and increasing depression or anxiety.

While escaping your feelings, drowning your sorrows, or finding comfort in a new bed may seem like the easiest way to cope, the best way to get over your breakup is to talk about it with a compassionate expert.

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How can therapy help?

Breakups can be life-altering, but they don’t have to be life-damaging. Together, we will work with you to properly mourn the loss of one relationship, without it preventing you from ever starting another.

CBT therapy focuses on changing the way you view the breakup and replacing heartache with positive alternatives. Through open and honest conversation and reflection, you may be surprised to find that there are many thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you.

In addition to therapy, we know that your friends and family offer an invaluable support system. One of our goals will be to ensure that you know how to effectively express your needs without negatively impacting these relationships.

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