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21 years old

Jess is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and supportive. She listens well and provides helpful feedback and advice in a way that balances compassion with hard facts about my condition. She is the best therapist I have ever had (I’ve had more than 5 over the years).


Kaitlyn is an incredibly insightful therapist whose easy-to-talk-to warmth and incisive analysis pretty much leaves me in
awe each session! She has helped me unpack life events both small and large, confront and process my conscious
and unconscious trauma, and helped me develop heathier thoughts, behaviors, and mindsets. The time, money, and
effort put into my work with her has been invaluable; it has equipped me with the tools to lead a happier life, and cultivate
better relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and significant others. I can't recommend her enough!

45 years old

Kaitlyn is an exceptionally talented therapist who I’ve had the pleasure of having by my side to detangle difficult life issues for the past three years. In this time, she has assisted me in surfacing anti-patterns within my behavior and helped me to learn how to hit the pause button, so that I can observed the assumptions, explore the false narratives, and reframe them as positive motivators. Kaitlyn’s “front of couch” collaborative demeanor has given me clearer definition of “acceptance”, breaking down a life long model of shame-avoidant based motivation making way for one based in self-love and deserved rewards. In our time spent together, I’ve grown to consider Kaitlyn as an essential 3rd party partner within my personal growth. I am truly grateful for (and deserving of!) the time I get to spend with her each week.

38 years old

Carly was very logical and helped me find logical reasons why doing something a certain way would ultimately be worse for me in the long run, she provided actual actions that I could do in order to lessen anxiety.


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36 years old

Jess is very empathetic without being overbearing. Her suggestions are practical and easy to follow. I was worried at first she was young but she’s the best therapist I’ve had.

31 years old

I came to Collaborative CBT when I was fed up in my relationship. My boyfriend was not willing to take the next step and I was ready to leave. We were able to uncover what the issues were in the relationship, work on strengthening our communication and we are now happily married! I was skeptical that therapy could help but I am so grateful that we took the chance!

49 years old

Jess is a very positive therapist. I found it helpful that she could give straight information (“What we know is…”), personalize for me the “what we know…”, and bring me back to my goals when I rambled what I thought was necessary information about myself or week.

28 years old

I feel that Jess has helped me reach a place where I’m more reflective and aware of my anxiety. I used to have panic attacks a couple of times a week. Now, I can recognize those feelings and use my tools to relax. I think I can handle it from here on.


I've been working with Kaitlyn for a number of years around a variety of short and long term concerns, and
the progress I've experienced from working with her is amazing. Her CBT approach really helped get a
handle on main anxiety symptoms. Throughout our time working together, she's been warm,
compassionate, and flexible with changing timings when needed. I highly recommend anyone to work with

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28 years old

I enjoyed every minute of my sessions with Jess. She is really a great listener and has plenty of tools to suggest for getting you to where you want to be. I can tell how much she cared about what I was telling her and that she was actually interested in my well-being. She asks me all the right questions and follow ups to my answers. I feel very content and at ease when I am with her.

33 years old

Jess is an absolutely amazing therapist and a true ally of the LGBT community. She helped me overcome a number of personal issues including depression, anxiety, relationship loss, and gender dysphoria.

While it certainly took a lot of effort on my part, I am now the happiest I've ever been in my life thanks in large part to Jess. She has my eternal gratitude! I highly recommend her and have already directed several of my friends to her practice.

34 years old

I came to see Jess when I was feeling really depressed and didn't have much hope at all. I had tried therapy before and it didn't really help, but working with Jess did help!! She was always there for me, supportive, and challenged me in the best way possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through anything!!

41 years old

Jess is compassionate and practical. She is empathetic. It may seem as if you're talking to a friend, but you'll leave each appointment with practical guidance and suggestions to alter your own behavior and thoughts to help you accomplish your goals.

CBT, in my experience, helps you take action to change behaviors and thought patterns. Jess has been and continues to be effective in helping me to achieve my goals. I'd already had many years of "talk" therapy when I reached Jess. I'd made a great deal of personal progress and was generally happy with where I was emotionally. There was one last issue I wanted to settle, and Jess has helped me accomplish my goal.

48 years old

We came to Jess because my son was having difficulty in school and we needed to find ways to help him succeed. Jess was warm, kind, and helpful. My son was able to connect to her quickly and she was always there to provide us with words of wisdom in moments of doubt.

She was respectful of my son's right to privacy while also making sure we knew that she would keep us in the loop if there was something necessary to our son's wellbeing. We feel comfortable and confident working with Jess and her practice. She has helped my son make a lot of positive progress and we highly recommend her for teen/family work!


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