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We all feel angry sometimes. It’s a normal and healthy part of life.

The question is, what do you do with that feeling?

In its pure form, anger is not something that needs to be changed. It’s an emotion, like any other. At times, anger can be helpful in relieving stress, finding motivation, and expressing ourselves. It also can be an appropriate response to certain situations.

However, when you feel that your anger controls you more than you control your anger, it might be time to ask for help. That’s where we come in.


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How does anger therapy work?

Anger has more risks associated with it than a lot of other emotions because it can alienate you or cause interpersonal conflicts.

Learning how to manage our anger and reactions can decrease the chances that it will cause us problems. The second thing we want to notice is whether anger may be masking more vulnerable emotions like fear, sadness, or loneliness.

We sometimes express anger as a protective measure to avoid feeling more uncomfortable. By becoming aware of this, you will learn how to better communicate your emotions and handle your reactions.

Do I need therapy for my anger?

Through therapy, you can gain useful skills to help you with anger, like learning how to notice triggers, calm your body’s physiological responses, and articulate the underlying issue at hand.

Our goal is to help you learn to experience anger differently and react to it more effectively. If any of these statements resonate with you, therapy might be helpful.

  • I want to – or have – hurt myself
  • I have frequent social and/or legal issues as a result of my anger
  • I suffer from depression
  • I feel isolated and frustrated towards others
  • I have a tough time enjoying the company of others
  • I have a ‘short fuse’ and can’t control it
  • I use alcohol or substances to mask my anger

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