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Nobody’s perfect …

There's a difference between having high standards and having standards that are nearly impossible to meet.

Do you find yourself constantly worried about failing at a task at work, school, or at home? Maybe you don’t start tasks simply because you think you won’t be able to complete them perfectly. Do you struggle with trying to look perfect all of the time … or do you keep your belongings perfectly organized because they are a representation of you?

If any of this sounds familiar, you also may relate to feelings of being disappointed or depressed when you fail to meet your own standards of perfection.

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What does perfectionism look like?

Many people don’t even realize they are struggling with perfectionism, instead believing that the standards set before them are reachable.

The most ironic part of being a perfectionist is that your thoughts and behaviors may actually decrease the likelihood of achieving your goals, simply because the standard is unrealistic.

Most of the time, perfectionism involves some type of work or task. But, it also can include thoughts and behaviors surrounding the way you present yourself to the world. You could be struggling with perfectionism if you’re constantly thinking that you have to look a certain way — or behave a certain way — in order to be seen as “perfect.”

How can therapy help with perfectionism?

Therapy can help shed light on how perfectionism has hindered you in the past. You will learn how to set reasonable goals, deal with what it means to fail, and begin to ask for help with difficult tasks.

Life’s not perfect, and it is essential to learn how to live without perfection.

We will work together to recognize your perfectionistic tendencies and develop tools that address these thoughts and behaviors head-on. During therapy sessions, we’ll create small tasks and exercises to help you learn new ways to deal with your unrealistic expectations — both in the office and in any other safe environment.

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