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As clinicians, we always want to continue learning

This is an essential part of our work, as it allows us to provide our clients the best care possible.

Have you ever had questions about a clinical case? Have you wanted a non-judgemental place to share your concerns and ideas? Or just wanted another person’s opinion on the best approach? Well, you are not alone!

As clinicians and practitioners, our responsibility and goal is to continue our learning and make sure that we are providing the best therapy to our clients. One way to do this is through the use of supervision.

Jess Allen, LCSW, ACT provides supervision and consultation opportunities for other clinicians who have an interest in CBT. Similar to her work with clients, Jess takes a collaborative and active approach in the supervision process.


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Supervision ... through a CBT lens

Jess is a certified cognitive therapist and provides supervision through the CBT lens. Similar to her style with clients, she will help to formulate the structure of CBT sessions by creating an agenda, setting goals for supervision, and helping you to achieve your supervision goals.

For consultations, she focuses on making the most of the time by prioritizing cases, using conceptualizations, and teaching skills that are applicable to other client cases.

Jess is SIFI certified and has been a clinical supervisor for social work interns.

She also taught “Cognitive and Behavioral Treatments” at Boston University’s School of Social Work. She is dedicated to working with both students and clinicians to teach the art of CBT.

Whether you are interested in learning CBT or are just looking for consultation on your cases, Jess is happy to help! Contact her today to learn more!


Ask us anything — wherever you are in the therapy process, we’re here to listen!

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